The Launch of Honey & Friends

An immersive experience that launched with global Buzz. While the Marc Jacobs’s fragrance collection portal was introduced to the world, the global campaign for the Honey fragrance
grew the Marc Jacobs fan base.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Global Portal

The Challenge:

Faced with an unmanageable number of microsites, Marc Jacobs Fragrance wanted a website that could house its collection of perfumes and spotlight individual collections when needed. There was also a need for a social strategy that would let each fragrance shine and foster user content creation.

The Solution:

A charming and enticing modular website was developed where each perfume got equal play, save for the latest fragrance which launched the portal with a 360/social campaign.


Honey fragrance launch campaign.


#MJHONEYSPOTS was the first campaign, launching the fragrance portal.

Concept Strategy:

Allow Millennial girls, 18-35, to express themselves, their style and their “loves” through the unique qualities of Honey.



organic likes for photos tagged
#MJHONEYSPOTS on Instagram.


“You may have seen the black and yellow bee that has
been buzzing around Instagram, under #mjhoneyspots,
a rather brilliant campaign….”

– Fast Company

The Quest for Timeless Beauty

The smash success of La Prairie’s first global product launch is rooted in a captivating story,
cutting-edge design and a multichannel digital campaign.

Swiss Ice Crystals

The Challenge:

To thrive in a competitive omnichannel luxury market, brands must create immersive experiences that captivate, inspire and motivate consumers to buy online and in stores.
How can La Prairie win in a competitive digital climate?

The Solution:

To stand apart, La Prairie launched an innovative campaign for the reveal of The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. We created a four-part film series, taking viewers on an epic journey to the top of the Swiss Alps to discover the magical ingredients in the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. Using rich, impactful storytelling techniques, our “Quest for Timeless Beauty” campaign includes a responsive site, high-impact custom ad placements, eCRM and social media.



increase in La Prairie’s new product sales, driven
by the successful global campaign.


U.S. campaign site sticky rate


Facebook likes / Increase in Facebook Fans

The Films

La Prairie Quest for Timeless Beauty- Part One from Milton Lebron on Vimeo.

La Prairie Quest for Timeless Beauty- Part Two from Milton Lebron on Vimeo.

Defining the next generation
of entertainment

Redefining the multi-channel experience. From strategizing HBO’s digital path to developing
and designing consumer-facing platforms that engaged millions of fans.

The Challenge

Facing a cultural change of always-connected viewers, HBO needed to innovate in the digital space the same way they did with cable. That required a comprehensive digital strategy, visually immersive experiences and cutting-edge platforms that extended the HBO experience beyond the tube.

The Solution

To fuse award-winning content with multi-channel digital innovation. An innovative and video-rich digital platform for HBO was launched, advanced technical implementations optimized the experience for mobile and a social platform ensured seamless use and conversations
for millions of fans.

HBO Next Generation
Second Screen App

As part of the digital innovation team, I was assigned to develop concepts and prototypes of the second screen experience for HBO.


HBO’s mobile platforms were in need of a revamped user experience. The new experience was visually rich and engaging, with content that complemented the different award-winning shows of the network.


HBO’s social media platform that lets millions of fans share stories, content and comments about their favorite shows.

Citizenship is strength

Becoming a naturalized citizen matters – today and in the future – and will positively impact our families,
our communities, and ultimately, our country.

The Objective

To launch a national, multilingual public awareness campaign to promote citizenship among eligible legal permanent residents, and build a volunteer corps of Americans supporting them throughout their naturalization process.